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Truck mounted carpet cleaning - the facts

There are some carpet cleaning firms in Bristol & Bath who operate so-called truck mounts. These are simply petrol generators attached to various pumps and vacuums. Because of their size, they are "truck mounted", or just housed within the company's van. You might have noticed them due to the noise and fumes coming from a parked van, or the pipes and hoses trailed across the pavement, leading into the premises the company is working in.

Image of a truck mounted carpet cleaning system
(only free image I could find was from USA!)

It would be foolish to contend the assertions that the various companies make that these machines are powerful.

They are. Very powerful.

But. It is no coincidence that, in a male dominated industry like carpet cleaning, some companies simply can't resist boasting about the size of their equipment!

Whether or not these owners have purchased a truck mount at a point of mid-life crisis, or whether they are some form of over-compensation, it's hard to say but I would like to make the case that, for  every arena of carpet cleaning, both commercial & domestic, a combustion engine driven water pump and vacuum is often overkill, hazardous and unnecessary.

Trip hazard sign

What are the dangers of truck mounts?

Using any machinery/equipment comes with responsibilities and health & safety considerations. Truck mounts are no different and carry a range of potential hazards that carelessness or a moment of absent mindedness can exacerbate.

  1. Petrol/diesel engine running in a confined space. Even without mentioning the environmental concerns regarding pollution and noise, running a combustion generator inside the back of a van is obviously not without risks.

  2. Trip hazards: while some truck mount operators use a ramp across pavements to cover the variety of hoses etc. that lie in the way of pedestrians, some do not. 

  3. Damage to carpet. Carpets have a variety of backing types, some of which are susceptible to damage when over-wetted. The incautious operator (possibly in the desire to do an awesome job) may well blast water at a pressure of 8oo psi! into the backing of your carpet. If your carpet has a jute backing, or a similar cellulosic fibre, it could easily cause it to deteriorate and discolour the fibres.

Small is beautiful (and kinder to the planet)

The process of cleaning a carpet or upholstery is fairly straightforward:

  • Vacuum out dry soils

  • Treat areas of particular staining 

  • Apply an appropriate pre-spray without over-wetting the fibres

  • Agitate

  • Extract

Of course, there are many different approaches to this basic method, as well as a huge array of different machines and solutions, but the essence remains the same. Any professional carpet cleaner who omits any of these might well be cutting corners.

In most domestic & commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning situations, the construction of the carpet and levels of soiling are such that we do not require a nuclear solution. Even in one of our most challenging regular clean (a large casino) where the soiling level is often frightening, we are able to restore the carpets using professional portable machines and industry leading solutions.

Perhaps an area where truck mounts might be able to perform particularly well would be in heavily used restaurants where deep-seated oils have been tracked into carpets continuously; in this scenario, having an excess of power might not be a bad thing. 

So, what equipment do we use??

You might well be asking what kit we use to clean carpets?

Well, before I answer that, I'll begin with explaining that at GREEN MAN, we think that the most valuable investment for our business is in training. All GREEN MAN employees have undergone an extensive training programme and apprenticeship to ensure that we consistently deliver outstanding carpet & upholstery cleaning with unbeatable customer service.

Next, we ensure that we source all our equipment and materials from an industry leading provider. All our cleaning machines have been selected because of their ability to deliver the high level of clean we demand and our customers expect.

If you want numbers... our extraction machines have vacuum motors that 10.2Hg Lift & 170CFM. More than sufficient to extract the dirt and grime from carpets & upholstery.

Our pumps? 0-300psi

The vacuums we use are both powerful and filtered, either the Sebo BS36 or Lindhaus CH38 Pro.

The solutions we use to treat stains and remove dirt are the absolute best in the industry. We only use materials that are naturally derived, safe to use and environmentally friendly both in production and disposal.


So, when you choose GREEN MAN to clean your carpets, rugs or upholstery, you can be safe in the knowledge that you have also chosen to respect the planet and promote sustainability.

A leafless tree on rolling green hills representing the green cleaning values of Green Man carpet cleaning in Bath and Bristol

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