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Yesterday, I received our renewed NCCA membership certificate via email. Here it is:

NCCA Membership Certificate

Being members of the NCCA helps us to ensure that our customers know that they are getting a reputable and professional service each time they book us for a carpet or upholstery clean. This is important for a number of reasons:

  1. It helps to reduce the number of rogue traders operating.
  2. It guarantees that members are insured.
  3. It means that we have an acceptable standard of professional training (we actually have a lot more training in a variety of more specialised areas)
  4. Being part of a trade association is a little like being in a union, and offers us a good level of support if the need arises.

As professional carpet & upholstery cleaners, we are sometimes asked to explain the service we provide and to what extent we are professionals. Regular retraining and certification from the NCCA is genuinely important in qualifying our competence to consumers.

To find out more about the NCCA, visit their website at: https://ncca.co.uk


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