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How to clean stair carpets

Step One: Vacuuming

As per an earlier post on How to vacuum like a pro, stair carpet cleaning requires a very thorough vacuum as the initial step (no pun intended). The Sebo BS36 comes into its own on stairs, providing serious levels of agitation and endless vacuum power. I tend to stop at every fourth step, and use the wand attachment with crevice tool in order to get into the edges and down the front faces of the stairs.

Step Two: Apply pre-spray

Although we would usually attend to any spots/stains at this stage, the stairs in the accompanying video did not require this. We apply an eco-friendly, sanitising pre-spray to the entirety of each step, often paying particular attention to the nose of each step, as this is often a repository of heavy soiling.

Step Three: Agitation

Agitation is one of the most overlooked but, in my opinion, the most important stage in any carpet cleaning. Some of the agitation has already taken place in stage one (as the vacuum cleaner has a motorised beater bar). Agitation works the solution uniformly throughout the carpet pile which will facilitate the detachment of soils, breakdown of grease etc.

Step Four: Rinse Extraction

Sometimes (incorrectly) terms steam cleaning this final phase literally rinses out the dirt from carpet, as well as the applied solution. We achieve rinse extraction by using an extraction machine. This simultaneously pumps a solution of water into the carpet at high pressure, whilst recovering water (containing the suspended contaminants) with a powerful vacuum.

Occasionally, if drying time is a concern or if a carpet is only very lightly soiled, a similar effect can be achieved at this stage using a low moisture process.


Once each stage is complete, we safely dispose of the waste water from the extraction machine.

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