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"Cats, dogs, giant rabbits, chinchillas - whichever pet you call your own, they all bring something special to your home."

Over time, pet hair and skin accumulates within carpet pile and the edges of upholstery, and can be a significant aggravator for a wide range of allergies, including asthma.

These contaminants can be difficult to remove with domestic vacuum cleaners. In fact, a standard domestic vacuum is likely to worsen the situation due to inferior filters, helping to broadcast allergens into the air.

Oils contained within animal fur will also gradually soil upholstery, leaving discernable darkened areas. Certainly, most tenants with pets will find that a landlord will want proof of a professional clean as part of a tenancy agreement.


"If you can deal with the initial cause of concern, it is best to tackle pet stains as soon as possible."

Urine and vomit stains have the capacity to permanently scorch carpeting and fabrics due to their potentially high acid or ammonia content.

Use the tips on our ADVICE page to help, then call us as soon as you can. Our deep cleaning, eco-friendly solutions will not only treat the stain, but sanitise the area concerned.

Following that, our industry-standard equipment will draw out any remaining residue, rinsing everything clean and restoring the area to its best potential condition.