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Professional hotel carpet cleaning in Bath and Bristol.

BATH: 01225 292209

BRISTOL: 0117 3180979

"From restaurant and foyer deep-cleans to hotel room and corridor maintenance,
GREEN MAN are experienced and equipped to respond."


We are happy to provide one-off emergency stain treatments, as well as a scheduled service to help maintain your high standards.

Wherever carpets experience heavy footfall, a regular maintenance program is advisable to help prevent rapid deterioration and need for replacement.

For many businesses and institutions, this takes the form of a

'GREEN MAN' annual or bi-annual clean.

This will remove unsightly stains and traffic wear, improve resilience and restore the original brightness of your carpeting, enhancing the workplace for everyone.

GREEN MAN carry a full range of solutions and machinery to ensure the right level of clean can be delivered.

We understand that who you call in reflects on your business, and will only ever use our own uniformed technicians. Not only this, but we carry multiple carpet cleaning systems, enabling us to be able to provide whisper quiet cleaning where necessary.

For professional, responsive hotel carpet cleaning in Bath and Bristol,

From survey to delivery,