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Question: What happened in this room?

A photo showing a rug, carpet and sofa after cleaning.

The answer?

It was our manager, Jon, in the sitting room with an upholstery tool, a wet extraction machine and a bonnet machine!

What does the photo tell us about carpet & upholstery cleaning?

The image depicts a sitting room in Bath after a professional carpet, rug and upholstery clean.

Upholstery cleaning

Because upholstery will often take longer to dry after a deep, wet extraction clean, this element was cleaned first. The cushions have been positioned to allow airflow across as much of the surface area as possible to facilitate drying.

Rug cleaning

The two smaller, more traditional woven rugs were deep cleaned with a wet extraction system, then dried with an industrial air mover. They have then been draped across several doors until fully dry. Although a safe and standard practice, this does illustrate one of the limitations of cleaning rugs in situ.

A bespoke rug cleaning company can offer the benefit of having your rug dried in an industrial centrifuge.

However, if you factor in the cost of having your rug...





then returned,

and you will often be looking at over £100 more for this service.

Green Man deliver a comparable high standard of soil removal, stain treatment and deep clean, but with the cost saving benefit of having your rug cleaned in your home.

Wool carpet cleaning

Finally, the wool carpet in this room was vacuumed with one of our industrial vacuum cleaners, then treated with a deep cleaning, wool conditioning, sanitising eco-friendly carpet cleaning solution. This is allowed to dwell in the carpet for up to thirty minutes to actively break down soils and other contaminants before the final process of extraction and cleaning.

If you look carefully, you can see the plough-lines where the carpet cleaning machine has moved up and down the room.

All of the soft fabrics in the room betray evidence of having been professionally cleaned.

What might initially appear as disarray is shown to be, in fact, careful rearrangement to achieve the best possible finish and most effective drying.

Here's wishing all our customers and cleaning colleagues in Bath & Bristol a happy and prosperous 2018

from Gareth, Jon, Max & Ross



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