Carpet cleaning

Image of pot of vanish stain removal solution.


VANISH A key element of professional carpet cleaning is stain removal. Whether or not a carpet is dirty, often it is a particular stain that will initiate a call for our services. Obviously, there is a hugely diverse range of stains than can cause issues. Green Man carry a broad spectrum of eco-friendly treatments to tackle …

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REVOLUTION! Introducing a REVOLUTION… It goes without saying that the world of carpet & upholstery cleaning is pretty exciting, but our latest piece of news has the potential to completely revolutionise the quality of what we can offer our customers… As Eco-carpet, rug & upholstery cleaning professionals, we are familiar with the many ways in which carpets, …

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College stair well

How to clean stair carpets

How to clean stair carpets Step One: Vacuuming As per an earlier post on How to vacuum like a pro, stair carpet cleaning requires a very thorough vacuum as the initial step (no pun intended). The Sebo BS36 comes into its own on stairs, providing serious levels of agitation and endless vacuum power. I tend to …

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Photograph of sisal agave growing in Mexico.

How to clean sisal

HOW TO CLEAN SISAL, COIR & SEAGRASS aka: pains in the (gr)ass!  Sisal (saɪsəl), with the botanical name Agave sisalana, is a species of Agave native to southern Mexico but widely cultivated and naturalized in many other countries. It yields a stiff fibre used in making various products. [Source: Wikipedia] Coir ( kɔɪər), or coconut fibre, is …

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Photo of crocuses representing spring cleaning from Green Man Professional Carpet Cleaning in Bath, Bristol & Stroud


Freshen-up! Spring officially begins next week & here at GREEN MAN HQ, we’re delighted to announce the latest addition to our professional carpet, rug, curtain & upholstery cleaning repertoire… The Freshen-Up Clean! Sometimes, your home just needs a little invigorating… Maybe you’re entertaining? Maybe you have family visiting soon? Perhaps you just simply want to bring …

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B&W image of a woman with a retro vacuum cleaner

How to vacuum like a pro

How to vacuum like a pro N.B. It proved impossible to find a vintage photo with a man wielding a vacuum. Please email us one if you can! The importance of a good vacuum cleaner in the home is clear to everyone, particularly those with children or animals. Or both. Our very existence is a …

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Photo of a purple crocus

Pre-Spring feelings

Spring is almost here… Officially, Tuesday 20th March is the first day of Spring. Already, we’ve noticed households getting the urge to freshen things up and renew their carpets, rugs & upholstery. Here at GREEN MAN  HQ, we’ve spent the last month upskilling and ensuring all our carpet & upholstery cleaning equipment is in good shape …

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Photo of bamboo growing

Bamboo silk

Bamboo silk – Test #1 From time to time, we get asked to clean a carpet, rug or piece of upholstery that contains one of the so-called problem fabrics. Generally, this will mean that there is something within the structure of the fibre type that will become unstable when treated with water. While velvet, sisal, coir and …

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Shot of Optimus Prime, the transformer

Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning

ALL MUST KNEEL BEFORE THE BIGGEST, MOST POWERFUL CARPET CLEANING MACHINE IN THE UNIVERSE EVERRR!!! Truck mounted carpet cleaning – the facts There are some carpet cleaning firms in Bristol & Bath who operate so-called truck mounts. These are simply petrol generators attached to various pumps and vacuums. Because of their size, they are “truck mounted”, …

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A photo showing a rug, carpet and sofa after cleaning.


CLUEDO Question: What happened in this room? The answer? It was our manager, Jon, in the sitting room with an upholstery tool, a wet extraction machine and a bonnet machine! What does the photo tell us about carpet & upholstery cleaning? The image depicts a sitting room in Bath after a professional carpet, rug and upholstery …

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