A close-up of a linocut in progress of the Green Man logo

Art & carpet cleaning

Logo of Green Man

Art & Carpet cleaning

Over the last four years cleaning carpets, rugs & upholstery in Bath, we have refined our methods and undergone considerable training and reinvestment. Not only this, we are now able to fully deliver a fully EARTH-KIND, ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE service without compromise on results.

Hence our slogan: Cleaner, GREENER, Drier Quicker.

At the point of typing, I note that one of our competitors has adopted a very similar slogan: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Aquadri.

Enough about us... I need to say an unending thank you to my partner for so many things, but today, specifically, for crafting our beautiful logo...

Pencil drawn, then inked...

Fully inked, and first incision of lino-cut

Lino-cutting full flow

First print

First Green print

And then,

...hours and hours and h o u r s of Illustrator work to vectorise the subtleties of print into a format that will work as a graphic:



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