Month: January 2018

Shot of Optimus Prime, the transformer

Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning

ALL MUST KNEEL BEFORE THE BIGGEST, MOST POWERFUL CARPET CLEANING MACHINE IN THE UNIVERSE EVERRR!!! Truck mounted carpet cleaning – the facts There are some carpet cleaning firms in Bristol & Bath who operate so-called¬†truck mounts. These are simply petrol generators attached to various pumps and vacuums. Because of their size, they are “truck mounted”, …

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A photo showing a rug, carpet and sofa after cleaning.


CLUEDO Question:¬†What happened in this room? The answer? It was our manager, Jon, in the sitting room with an upholstery tool, a wet extraction machine and a bonnet machine! What does the photo tell us about carpet & upholstery cleaning? The image depicts a sitting room in Bath after a professional carpet, rug and upholstery …

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