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Welcome to Bath & Bristol's finest & Eco-friendliest

Carpet, Rug & Upholstery Cleaning Professionals.


BATH: 01225 292209

BRISTOL: 0117 3180979

What makes GREEN MAN different?

  • Clear commitment to use environmentally friendly solutions
  • Traditional service values
  • Wide range of treatments tailored to your needs, including deep-cleans, stain rescue, low moisture cleans & zero-drying time cleans
  • Powerful eco-solutions that continue to clean & outperform standard treatments, even after the work is done!
  • Cast-iron guarantee
  • Unrivalled customer satisfaction


Powerful eco-friendly solutions


Friendly, hard-working & professionally qualified technicians  

=  Time saving, money saving, unbeatable &  l o n g  lasting results.

Image detailing the Green Man cleaning guarantee

How does green cleaning benefit you?

Detergent-free means carpets, rugs & upholstery stay cleaner  l o n g e r.

Most carpet cleaning companies continue to rely on cleaning products that haven't changed their formulation for decades. These detergent-heavy solutions do have the capacity to loosen dirt from your carpets. However, the problem then lies with removing the detergent. Far too often, residues are left behind which then attract soils, meaning your carpets get dirty quicker than before!

   Not exactly what you wanted?

GREEN MAN only use free-rinsing eco-friendly solutions to ensure that your furnishing are deep-cleaned & sanitised, leaving your home cleaner  l o n g e r  without harming the planet.

Having a party?

Expecting family round?

Why not try our latest service,

the Freshen-Up! clean...

Why choose Green Man?

We have been cleaning carpets in Bath & Bristol for many years, and have a hard-earned reputation for quality work at an honest price - feel free to look at our reviews.

Over the last two years, we refined the way we work and retrained all our operatives in the most modern, environmentally sustainable carpet cleaning techniques. We continually invest in the best equipment on the market to ensure every job we do is our best ever!
Green Man now provide the very latest in powerful, eco-friendly carpet & upholstery cleaning.

Green Man carry a variety of carpet cleaning systems to be able to offer the right clean for you.


  • We can deliver drying times of less than half an hour

  • So-called "Zero drying time" carpet cleaning in Bath & Bristol is available. However, it is primarily a superficial treatment and wouldn't be recommended in domestic environments, apart from treatment of water-sensitive carpet types.

  • We offer carpet restoration cleaning for heavily soiled areas.

What we won't do, is deliver a poor quality job if your carpet requires a deep, wet extraction clean.


Certainly, there are plenty of other carpet cleaners out there, many with eye-catching promises like fast drying times and free stain protection. As a consumer, you should be wary of slick promises...

Fast drying times can sometimes mean your carpets have only been superficially cleaned.

Free stain-protection? Unlikely, as most worthwhile treatments tend to be quite pricey.


All of our technicians are fully trained, insured and operate under the Green Man guarantee.

We will always inspect your carpet prior to a clean and use the most effective method to bring your carpets, rugs & upholstery back to their best.

Photograph of a padlock representing the Green Man customer service guarantee

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